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A Promise is A Promise

As everyone knows, in China, prices are never lowest, only lower. As a new generation Chinese company, EMAC clearly knows the value of being a trustworthy company. ” Plan your consumption carefully on a long term basis, and you need not worry when a famine occurs.” At EMAC, we are not working as a job, but fighting as our life-time career. We always focusing on “do the right things, do it in right ways”, we believe successful and fortunes will come naturally.
Our trustworthy business philosophy helping us accumulated more than 5000 customers and partners, some of them has been working with us more than 12 years, and as close as brothers and sisters.

Stay Foolish

There are so many chances for EMAC to earn quick money, we could getting rich easily if we following petty trick.
In 2014, there is a Australia customer ordered 2 units 400kW DCEC marine generator set from EMAC, and this customer don’t need CCS or any other certifications.
For a marine generators, if customers don’t need certificate, most of Chinese companies will supply a modified industrial engine, this could lower down costs for 20,000.00 USD per unit. And if we do that, we could easily make 40,000USD extra on this project, but EMAC didn’t!
For all marine generator set, we insist on providing customers with certificates, this is the only way to prove that the engine, alternators are original from DCEC and Stamford. And certificates might be very useful for all customers one day in future.
This Australian customer blamed EMAC at the end, “I told you we don’t need certificate, why you give us certificate!”.
EMAC’s insistence seemed foolish to someone’s point of view, but we persisted.

Infinite Evolution

Since our establishment at 2010, EMAC focusing on diesel engine power system business, we always seeking for opportunities to create value for our partners, starting from solution the problems and meeting the requirements of customers, we continuously developing new products to meet the project demand.
And we innovatively integrate different system cross multiple international brands, such as DuraMac powertrain system that is a integration of DCEC engine, FAST CAT transmission, Dongfeng DANA axle. The continuous effort of integrations helps EMAC accumulated the ability that able to provide one-stop solution for all manufacturing customers from automotive, ship building, industrial machinery, water pump set, generator set industries.
EMAC is the global pioneer for visual products introduction, this kind of works is not existing in any other companies, no matter in international companies, or in any other Chinese companies. We do believe, our hard works will help all of our customers to understand our products and services better, easier, and making our communication so much easier, and helping all companies lower down operating costs under this COVID pandemic situation.

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Management System

The well developed management system is the foundation of continuously growing, after 12 years of accumulation, EMAC developed our own management system, which is PCMT marketing system and BSIE team management system.



Based in most dynamic and promising city in China, Shenzhen, EMAC gathering a brilliant well-educated team, all of EMAC’s team members are have English background, helping EMAC easily understand what customers needed.


Why Choose Us

Well developed management system, well-educated international team, unique system integration capability, 100+ types of applications and over 1000 projects experience, its quite difficult task to find a better supplier than EMAC.



EMAC continuously collecting all kinds of questions, no matter questions on products, about business terms, marketing or management related, helping EMAC and customers to know each other better and grow up together.



EMAC focusing on engine power system related business since its establish in the year of 2010, unlike other companies that involved with many business, we are dedicated and highly involved ourselves as power system solution provider in the past 12 years.


Based on rich resources here in China, EMAC always give customers best value for money solution. Not limited us to a supplier only, EMAC also get provides additional services to all customers with design, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales services.


EMAC always remind ourselves that only innovative can crate real value for customers and society, our self-innovative sprit, helping EMAC keep expanding our business scopes, and also help us build stronger connections with all customers.

EMAC History

EMAC History

Established in Hongkong in the year of 2010, EMAC Group Limited has been specializing in the export business of power system related products. EMAC’s business get started from selling DCEC landbased and marine generator set, after some terrible experience of engine parts business, EMAC decide to focusing on generator set and engine power system only, and in the year of 2013, Shenzhen SinoGen Power Technology established, as the sub-brand of EMAC that focusing on generator set business and registered as trademark, SinoGen only selling genuine quality products, no matter engines or alternators, we don’t touch any CHEAP products, this principle helped SinoGen win back market reputation.

In the year of 2015, SinoGen setted up SinoGen Pin Petch JV in Thailand, and we succeed produced the first local made train in Thailand history, during the year of 2017 and 2020, SinoGen Pin Petch JV successfully delivered 8 units of powercar to State Railways of Thailand, all of them are powered by DCEC QSZ13-G3 engine. SinoGen Pin Petch JV is continuously working hard in upgrading the railways system in Thailand.
In the year of 2019, AseanMac established in Singapore, targeting to be the headquarter of EMAC in Asean. By using rich resources here in China, we hope can find more partners and helping Asean countries to build up the mechanical equipment manufacturing ability.


EMAC Hongkong Established


SinoGen China Established


SinoGen Thailand JV Established


ASEANMAC Singapore Established

EMAC Brands

EMAC Brands

The logo of MUTEGEN brand of EMAC
The logo of GASMAC brand of EMAC
The logo of AIRMAC brand of EMAC

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Sales Team

Marine Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Train Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Automotive Sales - Mr. Wells Luo WhatApp-Icon

Industrial Sales - Mrs. Kitty Chen WhatApp-Icon

Generator Sales - Mrs. Erica WhatApp-Icon

Pump Sales - Mrs. Ryen WhatApp-Icon

Spare Parts - Mrs. Nora Chen WhatApp-Icon

Sales Manager - Mrs. Wendy Fu

Ventas españolas - Victoria

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee       WhatApp-Icon

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