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SDEC S12R Marine Auxiliary Engines

The S12R marine auxiliary engine series power station products are derived from Shanghai’s military ship platform products and have been further developed to align with the products and systems of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. These products are specifically designed to be the most cost-effective solution for matching power units ranging from 1080 to 1277 kW. The S12R marine auxiliary engine series has been meticulously crafted as a new design to meet the high power demands of the generator set support market. All technical indicators have reached the current international advanced level, showcasing the series’ dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovation. According to Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), this series of engines is known for its compact structure, high reliability, excellent fuel efficiency, low noise emissions, and aesthetically pleasing design. These features highlight the engines’ suitability for various applications within the power generation sector. Manufactured in compliance with industry standards for electrical machinery, the S12R marine auxiliary engine series stands out as the preferred power source for both primary and backup generator sets. This endorsement underscores the series’ reliability and performance as top-tier supporting power solutions for a wide range of power generation requirements.

General Specifications of S12R Marine Auxiliary Engines

Engine Type:6/12 cylinder
Displacement:49.03 L
Bore * Stroke:170 mm * 180 mm
Advertised Power:1080 – 1277 kW @ 1500 RPM
Peak Torque:N/A
Rated Speed:1500 RPM
Aspiration :Turbo Charger/Air-air intercooler
Dry Weight:6650 kg
Dimension (L * W * H):3075 mm * 1435 mm * 1861 mm
SDEC S12R Marine Auxiliary Engine Catalogue

Engine Model

Rated Power


Engine Model

Rated Power


S12R-PTA-C1080 kW @ 1500 RPMTC/Water-air intercoolerS12R2-PTA2-C1165 kW @ 1500 RPMTC/Water-air intercooler
S12R-PTAA2-C1277 kW @ 1500 RPMTC/Air-air intercooler

SDEC S12R Series Marine Auxiliary Engine

This list including all models of SDEC S12R Series Marine Auxiliary Engine
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