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Are you the manufacturing engines on your own?
This is a typical question raised by customers all the time. EMAC not manufacturing any engines from beginning to future, we only stick to all kinds of applications of power system. EMAC only focusing on high standard and high-quality engine brands including Cummins, Deutz, CAT, Perkins, MTU, Volvo, Mitsubishi etc.
By utilize the reliable and advanced engines from these global leaders of diesel engine industry, EMAC integrate our own power system from our factory in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. And we have a series of our own registered brands, that provides power system solutions for all industries that required power system.

What’s the value of EMAC’s power system solution?
Lot of customers will believe that will be cheaper and correct to buy from all manufacturers directly without EMAC in the middle to lower down the costs. This is common way of thinking of foreigner companies.
No matter system components for powertrain system that using for driving vehicles, or system components in propulsion system that using for pushing boats, every single component have to be matching with other component.

No matter power system performance design, model selection, connecting size confirmation, accessories modification or customize of each component, all of these works can be nightmare if foreigner companies want to do it by themselves if the major components are coming from China, the communication costs will be extremely high due to the language problems and time differences.
Also, any of mismatching problem of power system might cause huge losses to customers, not only limited to the costs on materials, but also losses of delayed delivery, some of our customers even got project cancelled by delayed deliver.
As power system packager, EMAC need to make profit for sure, but our profit is coming from the value we make for our customers.

EMAC have Following Advantages on Products

Rich Experiences

Based on the mass projects in China domestic market, and the global project cases we had, EMAC have rich experiences for all kinds of applications can helping customers to avoid some common mistakes or troubles. We also can give reasonable and useful suggestions to customers that can helping costs significantly reducing their costs by reducing the communication costs and improving their working efficiency.

Strong Power System Integration Ability

Our integration ability enables us the ability to provide design support of the power system, it’s quite common that customers’ power system design is not reasonable because of lacking experiences, we will give design suggestions for our customers based on rich experiences we had here at EMAC.

Able to Offer Abundant Options

Based on rich resources here in China as well as strong network of EMAC, we clearly know for which power range and what application should use which products, which sometimes can easily help customers to save up to 30% of their costs, which give all customers the possibility to choose for best value for money but reliable power system for their project.

Outstanding Modification and Customize Developing Abilities

EMAC have rich experience of modification and customize developing on power system, from dual starter system to water-cooled exhaust system, from spark arrestor type exhaust system to customize developed control system, from explosion proof power system to ultra-low temperature starting up power system, no matter what kind of challenges you have for your equipment, EMAC always can give you solution with a reliable and cost-effective power system.

One-Stop Solution, One-Stop Responsibility

EMAC take high risky by supplying complete power system, which means we are in position of taking responsibility of the whole power system, no matter which components failed, its EMAC’s responsibility.
There is a real customers case from Thailand, one of our clients build one diving boat on their own, they design all systems on their own and purchase engine, gearbox, shaft and propellers from different suppliers separately. The designed speed of their boat is 20 knots, but when their boat is on water, it can reach to 8 knots only!

When they try to source back where the problem comes from, the engine supplier tells them its gear ratio problem, the gearbox supplier tells them its propeller design problem, and the propeller supplier tell them its engine power problem!
If your team don’t have enough experience and capability to design on your own, and you will have high chance to get into similar trouble with this client, maybe you should consider the better option, that leave the whole power system to EMAC, we provide professional solution case by case based on your requirement, and we take fully responsibility for you.

With goals of building separately team that focusing on particular applications, EMAC have a series of brands. For more information about our brands and its products ranges, you are welcome to visit homepage and video introduction on YouTube for each brand.

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