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SDEC K Marine Main Engine

SDEC K series engine is a newly developed medium-high speed marine diesel engine based on years of experience in marine engine design and development and absorbing domestic and foreign mature technologies. This series of products fully considers the application requirements of multi-purpose and multi-working conditions of marine machinery.

It has the characteristics of compact structure, high reliability, good economy, low noise, beautiful appearance, etc. It is widely used in various types of inland water transport ships, fishing boats, engineering ships, traffic ships and other ships and 300-600 kW marine generator sets.
SDEC K series marine main engine is an inline 6cylinder, 25.2 L four-stroke engine with a bore of 170 mm and a stroke of 185 mm. In addition, the K series marine main engine also adopts advanced electronic speed control system, air-air supercharger and turbocharger technology, so that it has excellent fuel economy and low emission characteristics.

The engine not only complies with international emission standards such as CSS and Tier II of the International Maritime Organization, but also adopts advanced exhaust gas treatment devices to minimize emissions and protect the marine environment.

General Specifications of K Marine Main Engine

Engine Type:6-cylinder
Displacement:25.2 L
Bore * Stroke:170 mm * 185 mm
Advertised Power:300 – 673 kW @ 1350 – 1800 RPM
Peak Torque:N/A
Rated Speed:1350 – 1800 RPM
Emissision:IMO Tier II
Aspiration :TC & Intercooled
Dry Weight:2850 kg
Dimension (L * W * H):2110 mm * 1090 mm * 1660 mm
SDEC K Marine Main Engine Catalogue

Engine Model

Rated Power

Peak Torque

Engine Model

Rated Power

Peak Torque

SC25K410.13CA1402 HP @ 1350 RPM N/ASC25K450.13CA1444 HP @ 1350 RPM N/A
SC25K480.13CA1473 HP @ 1350 RPMN/ASC25K540.13CA1536 HP @ 1350 RPM N/A
SC25K580.13CA1571 HP @ 1350 RPM N/ASC25K620.13CA1612 HP @ 1350 RPM N/A
SC25K620.15CA1599 HP @ 1500 RPMN/ASC25K650.18CA1628 HP @ 1800 RPMN/A
SC25K670.13CA1644 HP @ 1350 RPM N/ASC25K700.18CA1677 HP @ 1800 RPM N/A
SC25K760.13CA21731 HP @ 1350 RPM N/ASC25K760.15CA1731 HP @ 1500 RPM N/A
SC25K760.18CA1731 HP @ 1800 RPM N/ASC25K800.15CA1772 HP @ 1500 RPMN/A
SC25K800.18CA1772 HP @ 1800 RPM N/ASC25K880.15CA21854 HP @ 1500 RPM N/A
SC25K880.18CA21854 HP @ 1800 RPM N/A

SDEC K Series Marine Main Engine

This list including all models of SDEC K Series Marine Main Engine.
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