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SME Mitsubishi

Aug 3, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is a listed company controlled by Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation, a Chinese automobile manufacturer. It has a huge market share in the construction machinery, power generation, and marine high-speed diesel engines with a power of 50-1600 horsepower. .

The company mainly produces S6R2/S12R/S16R series engines licensed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This series of products are mainly used for land-use generator sets, with a power coverage of 500kW~1750kW.

The SR series products are currently the main products of medium and large engines for non-road industries produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In addition to the Japanese local factory, the French factory also produces the same series of products. It is mainly used for land power stations, marine main engines and auxiliary engines. The products sell well in European and American markets, and are also highly recognized by users in China.

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd will continue to pursue sustainable development and strive to provide customers with efficient and reliable diesel engine solutions, promoting the development of the Chinese diesel engine industry.At the same time, SDEC is cooperating with Shenzhen Sino-gen Power Technology Co., Ltd. Sino-gen will bring SDEC’s products to all over the world.

Shangchai Mitsubishi series diesel generator sets, with a power range of 500KW-1600KW, are powered by the internationally renowned Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. power station diesel engine, and are equipped with well-known domestic and foreign brand generators and controllers. It makes the work reliable, durable and economical; the unit can realize the display of diesel engine water temperature, oil pressure, speed, battery voltage and working hours; the display of generator current, voltage, frequency, power and power factor; the display of water temperature, oil pressure, Speed, current, voltage alarm; manual and automatic operation; RS485 interface output to realize remote monitoring; meet the requirements of ISO8528 and GB2820 standards. The product has reliable performance and excellent quality, which can meet the needs of high-end users at home and abroad.

SME Mitsubishi

The company is located in the factory area of Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. It started production in 2013, with an annual production capacity of 1,500 units.

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned enterprise with a history of more than 130 years. It has become a large-scale comprehensive industrial enterprise integrating machinery, power equipment, shipbuilding, automobiles, aerospace and other products.

The main equipment is imported from Japan, and the employees are mainly from SAIC Engine Factory. They have rich work experience and participated in MHI Japan’s Sagamihara Factory for further training.

This is our machining shop. The two large components of the engine body and cylinder head are produced by Lingzhong Factory itself.


As a leader in the Chinese diesel engine industry, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd is committed to technological innovation and improving product quality. The company has a professional R&D team and collaborates with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions for technical cooperation and exchanges. They actively introduce advanced manufacturing technology and management experience and continuously launch competitive new products.

There are quite a lot of machining equipment. There are 2 large-scale pentahedral machining centers from SNK, 5 Doosan horizontal machining centers, 1 cylinder hole processing machine from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, 2 body cleaning machines imported from Japan, and 1 An imported cylinder head automatic processing line, as well as some other imported special processing machines. The blank of our airframe is cast by Shangchai and then processed by Lingzhong. The supply chain is complete and quality can be guaranteed.

Import of key components

The parts are consistent with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and have high quality requirements. The high-pressure oil pump, turbocharger, and injector are independently developed and produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and their performance is more matched. The American Woodward speed control system is standard, and the speed control performance of the whole machine is more outstanding. High-quality components such as crankshafts made in Germany, seals and bearings made in Japan, ensure stable and reliable product performance.



Fuel Pump

Fuel Injector

The key components of the Lingzhong engine are all imported, among which the high-pressure oil pump, turbocharger and injector are all produced by Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Then Mitsubishi supercharger is one of the top five brands in the world. The high-pressure oil pump was jointly developed with Dr., but was later bought out by Mitsubishi for OEM production. At present, the standard speed control system is American Woodward, and the speed control performance of the whole machine is very excellent.

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