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What is Marine Propulsion System?

The marine propulsion system on a vessel is the mechanism or system used to generate thrust to move a ship or boat across water, it can be as simple as a diesel engine directly connected to a propeller shaft, which drives the propeller, or more complex systems containing diesel engines powering an electrical generator, supplying electrical power to an electrical motor through a sophisticated control system.

As the major propulsion system in the world, diesel engine directly drive propeller is used in all kinds of boat all around the world, and the engine power pack is only the power resource of boat, the engine power pack convert the chemical energy into rotating power, but how to transfer the rotating power into driving power of the vessels?
the propulsion system is the answer, which is converts the stored gasoline or diesel energy to kinetic energy in the engine and transfers it via the gearbox, main shaft and propeller to push the vessel forward.

Based on the international well-known engines that produced in China, EMAC integrated leading propulsion system products, and developed our own propulsion system brand-SeaMac.

SeaMac Propulsion System Powered by CCEC Cummins
SeaMac Generator Set Powered by Cummins

SeaMac is the official marine power pack packager of Hangzhou Advance gearbox, which is the leading brand in marine gearbox industry, SeaMac also have our own manufactured main shaft and propeller, which able to provide customer the complete propulsion system products that covers engine, gearbox, main shaft, propeller and control lever system. SeaMac also have our own marine generator set that powered by Cummins, Perkins, Mitsubishi, Volvo engine.

SeaMac provides one-stop solutions covers from pre-design to components supply, from installation to commissioning, from pre-sales communication to after-sales service support. With affordable Chinese level prices, SeaMac provide abundant flexible premium propulsion system options for all kinds of ships applications including tugboats, barges, crew ships, fishing boats, ferries, and patrol boats.

SeaMac Electric Control Lever System
SeaMac Generator Set Testing

Our one-stop solution not only significant improve operation efficiency, but also help customers to avoid mismatching problems caused by multiple independent suppliers of different components, which often caused lot of troubles for shipyards.

In the meantime, with the fast development of EV globally, the EV powertrain system which means using batteries to drive the electric motor, also adopted into boats and ships, which is called EPS-Electric Propulsion System, EPS become more and more popular globally as well, making EPS as the third type of marine propulsion system. SeaMac is also very active in electric propulsion system, as it is the certain future of marine propulsion system, for more details about SeaMac propulsion system products, you are welcome to visit our homepage:

SeaMac Electric Propulsion System
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