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W Auxiliary

SDEC W series engines are newly designed to meet the high power requirements of marine supporting power, and are carefully crafted according to SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards. This series of products has the characteristics of “three highs and three lows” of high reliability, high power, high adaptability, low fuel consumption, low engine fuel consumption, and low emission, and is widely used in various types of inland water transport ships, fishing boats, engineering ships, transportation Ships and other ships and 500-600 kW marine generator sets.

SDEC W series marine main engine is an inline 6 cylinder, 32.8 L/38.2 L,Four valves, double booster structure, sufficient and efficient air intake, electronically controlled unit pump matching design ECU, fuel injector, etc., effectively improving combustion and emissions, smooth engine operation, good economy, strong instantaneous loading capacity, power increased by 10% , with a maximum torque of 6400N•m, low fuel consumption and high torque in common working conditions, and the lowest fuel consumption can reach 190 g/kw•h.

Users can choose according to the different working conditions of the ship, among which the 33W marine engine is suitable for high-speed working conditions, and the 38W is suitable for supporting low-medium speed working conditions. Engine starting mode, power output interface, sea water pump with different flow rate, anti-corrosion cooling system, electric pre-supply oil pump and other configurations are optional.

Advantages of W Auxiliary Engine

1. Convenient Maintenance
The modular design of the whole machine has fewer fault sources, one cylinder and one cover, and it is more convenient to use and maintain. Service network all over the country saves time and worry.

2. Excellent NVH
The engine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, and the NVH optimization design of the whole machine can effectively reduce vibration and noise, and improve the comfort of crew and passengers.

3. Strong Reliability
Developed in strict accordance with the SAIC GPDP standard process, integrated engine design, high-strength body, cylinder head, forged steel crankshaft, the average engine overhaul period is over 20,000 h.

W Electronic Marine Auxiliary Engine

All models of SDEC W Electronic Marine Auxiliary Engine.

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