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S16R2 Auxiliary Engine

The S16R2 series power station products are derived from Shangchai’s military ship platform products, and then developed against Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ products and systems. They are the most cost-effective products for matching 600-1800 kW units.

The S16R2 series engine is a newly designed and carefully built product to meet the high power demand of the generator set supporting market. Various technologies the indicators have reached the current international advanced level.
This series of engines has the characteristics of compact structure, high reliability, good economy, low noise, beautiful appearance, etc., according to SAIC.
The preferred supporting power for common and standby generator sets built according to MOTOR manufacturing standards.

Advantages of S16R2 Auxiliary Engine

. Excellent Emission
The original Czech 6180 warship power products were developed according to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries system, which can achieve National II and National III emissions, and are suitable for 600-1800 kW main units.

. High Altitude Adaptability
At an altitude of 4500 meters, it can still output 550 kW load power stably.

. Convenient Maintenance
The design of the whole machine is simple, the boat-shaped oil pan design is enlarged, the in-line 16-cylinder type, one cylinder and one cover structure, and the body structure adopts a window-opening design, which is convenient for maintenance.

S16R2 Electronic Marine Auxiliary Engine

This list including all models of SDEC S16R2 Series Marine Auxiliary Engines.
Click here to find Marine Auxiliary Engines by type (Engine Speed).

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