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SDEC SR Generator Drive Engine

The SR series is currently the main product of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ medium and large engines for non-road industrial use, and the same series is also produced in France in addition to the Japanese plant. Mainly used for land power station, Marine main engine and auxiliary engine. The products sell well in the European and American markets, and have been highly recognized by users in China. On the platform of this series of diesel engines, there are land power stations in line with US EPA2 emissions and Marine diesel engines in line with IMO2 emissions.
This series of products is mainly used for land generator set, power coverage of 500kW ~ 2000kW.
The three series of S6R2/S12R/S16R engines produced by Shanghai Lingzhong have always kept pace with the technical standards, manufacturing level and quality control of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Thanks to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ integrated fuel system and engine development, Shanghai Rhombus achieves optimal performance, high power, high stability, low emission power output, and always reliable.

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General Specifications of SR G-Drive Engine

Engine Type:6 – 16 Cylinders
Displacement:29.96 – 79.9 L
Rated Speed:1500 – 1800 RPM
Emission Standard: Euro III
Fuel System:Direct injection
Aspiration:Turbo Charger/Air-air intercooler
Prime Power:530 – 1800 kW @ 1500 – 1800 RPM
Bore * Stroke:170 mm * 220 mm
Dry Weight:2850 – 8200 kg
Packing Size(L * W * H):N/A

SDEC SR Series G-Drive Engine

This list including all models of SDEC SR Series G-Drive Engine.
Click here to find G-Drive engines by type (Engine Speed).

Mitsubishi S12R-PTA-C G-Drive Engine

Mitsubishi S12R-PTA-C G-Drive Engine

Rated Power: 1000KW @ 1800 RPM
Displacement : 49.03 L
Number of Cylinders : 6
Cylinder Type : Wet Liner
Combustion Type : Direct Injection

Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2-C G-Drive Engine

Mitsubishi S16R-PTA2-C G-Drive Engine

Rated Power: 1500KW @ 1500 RPM
Displacement : 65.37 L
Number of Cylinders :16
Cylinder Type : Wet Liner
Combustion Type : Direct Injection

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