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How Can EMAC Ensure That our Products are Delivered to the Required Specifications?

EMAC has been in the line of engine products business for more than 12 years, in these years of cooperation with many different oversea customers, we have lots of experience in the order production, shipment and so on. From these experiences, we have confirmed our own rules and regulations. Till now, we have practiced our rules in our orders and all goes smooth. This called TSI quality control system, which stand for Technical, Supervision and Inspection.

EMAC makes sure that all customers sign a technical contract in all orders. Also, has a supervising team checks on-site production at business partners’ factories to make sure that our costumers products meet their requirement and an Inspection are carried on every single product to ensure that it meets technical specifications, quality standard and schedule delivery on time.

EMAC’s quality control system protect our consumer from defective products and the company from damage to its reputation due to inferior manufacturing processes.
EMAC’s major aspect of quality control is the establishment of well-defined controls. The TSI help to controls and standardize both production and reactions to quality issues. Limiting room for error by specifying which production activities are to be completed by which personnel reduces the chance that employees will be involved in tasks for which they do not have adequate training.

EMAC TSI system is a control involves testing of units and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product. The quality control used by EMAC is highly dependent on the product or industry, and several techniques exist for measuring quality
TSI system involves each step of the manufacturing process. Pull samples from along the manufacturing line and test the finished product. Testing at the various stages of manufacturing helps identify where a production problem is occurring and the remedial steps it requires to prevent it in the future.

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