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EMAC Customer Interview-Indonesia Shipyard

May 31, 2024 | Customer Review | 0 comments

EMAC Customer Interview In Indonesia-3

EMAC’s customer interview video of 2023, EMAC finished a series of customer interview with 10 different business partners from different countries and regions, most of videos are took at customer’s company and factory, collecting all reviews and evaluations of EMAC, covering different industries in different country and regions, we believe this series of EMAC customer interview videos can help all of other customers get to know more about EMAC, our true customer interview case can greatly help customers relieve their worries, and build their confidence to cooperate with EMAC.
A Promise is A Promise, EMAC always do what we say, and for customer’s feedback, also 100% original from clients’s real words. EMAC, a Chinese company that you can trust!

Customer Company Information Introduction

EMAC Customer Interview In Indonesia-8

April 27, 2023, We are honored to visit customert’s company and factory In Indonesia.

EMAC Customer Interview In Indonesia-29

The customer’s company type is shipyard and Business scope are ship repair and newly-built.

EMAC Customer Interview In Indonesia-6

At the same time, it was an honor to interview the company’s key figure, Mechanical Engineer Supervisor

Let’s Listen to His Story With EMAC:

0:39 Company Introduction
1:41 Supply Chain System
3:08 Cooperation with EMAC
4:15 Cooperation Prospect
5:58 PCMT Plan
6:31 Ending

Company Introduction

Q1 :  Can you introduce about yourself and your company?
Main business is ship repair. We are one of the largest shipyards in Indonesia Sumatra it is which lies on the (malaca) strait, strategically very good location for the ships passing through these locations. So basically, we are a shipyard doing repairs. So we do over hundred ships per year in our shipyard. We have six dots until two hundred fifty thousand that week,vessels. 110000 degree, 250 meters length ,vessels can go in our dots.
We are still keep developing our shipping side is still developing and buying more and more ships. So we are trying to be a solution provider for our shipping to get the maintenance at the cheaper cost. So we ship here is trying to achieve more and more ships per year. It’s been increasing every year number of ships.

Supply Chain System

Q2 :  Where do you source your materials?
Of course China is one of the biggest solution provider for us. Korea, Japan is also in line. Definitely,these three are the major Japan, Korea and China. China and Japan covers the most, I guess for the engines and propulsions.
Q3 : Where do you find your suppliers?
Actually from online websites. We can definitely find by Google. We do that then even through LinkedIn. We get so many requests. There’s a big platform well.
Q4 :  What’s the general experience of dealing with Chinese suppliers?
Quite straightforward. There’s no issues with the technical or something. It’s quite straightforward and very clear with the scope. It’s quite good only sometimes there is language barriers there sometimes ,but not always mostly at least with EMAC,Seamac. We never had any issues communicating well. There are some certain before we had for some clear suppliers etc. we had to hire a translator.

Cooperation with EMAC

Q5 :  When do you start your business with EMAC Group?
We started cooperation with EMAC around 2011 .
Q6 :  What products you using from EMAC?
We are using main engines and generator sets, navigation control panels. These three items for now
Q7 :  What’s the major reasons to work with EMAC?
I think more reliable. We have scrutinized few suppliers from which we have worked with you and we have got more confidence working with you and the support what you are giving. So we think you are more reliable than others.
Q8 : What’s your feeling of dealing with EMAC?
I think from the time I have seen EMAC maybe it was a small group But it’s growing up very fast. I think they are doing very well in the market. So of course that’s why they are growing. I hope they grow more. And we still have more good relationships.

Cooperation Prospect

Q9 :  Can you explain in what condition we’ll stop the corporation between us?
I think there’s no such thing. Because shipyard is so many projects. So we have to definitely cooperate with different companies. We cannot be only.Because there are many other things ,also many different brands, some owners require different brands, So only in that case we will choose other. Otherwise, for our own ships definitely, we already have a good relation with you. so we will choose you. And of course the pricing.
Q10 : Do you have planned to expand your corporation with EMAC?
For the product propellers, we do like to know more about your propeller with companies that and what kind of product is it .so if we know more details, maybe we can out for that and marine pumps also. We can choose because I just saw into this introduction that you have marine pumps too. So let’s see if we can in the next projects we will look into those options just.
Q11 : Are you really doing introduce email to your friends or partners?
Of course, I will definitely do that today. I have been trying to do this also. Because I’m from India. I have some links there. I’ve been looking to experience from now. let me take you I think I should do this.
Q12 : What’s your expectation for future corporation with EMAC?
I think you already once. I mean for now you work for any immense or things your response is very quick. So I think working closely is already there.


Q13 :  What’s do you want to tell EMAC’s potential customers?
Of course EMAC is very level company, very professional and always on to the point the things have solved. So technically they are very sound. Whatever our query is that it has been clarified and done perfectly, even for the warranty issues or after sales. Everything is done well. So we can trust EMAC.

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Based on standard DCEC marine main engines, SeaMac provides both heat exchanger cooling and keel cooling marine main engines, we also provide complete propulsion system that including marine engine, gearbox, shaft, propeller as complete power system.
SeaMac provides full life cycle services for all our customers, from design to power system supply, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales service training to spare parts supply, from trouble shooting to overhaul technical support.
All of DCEC marine main engine are comes with dry type exhaust system, which means dry type exhaust manifold and dry type turbocharger, SeaMac provides upgrading services for water-cooled exhaust system, which modify dry type exhaust system into water-cooled exhaust system, which are quite important and often requested by passenger boat projects.

Over the past years, EMAC Group has developed as both an innovator and a value creator.
Our slogan “A Promise Is a Promise” is rooted upon EMAC‘s TSI quality control system,
our “123” after-sales service standard removes all customer worries.
EMAC‘s reliable quality control, high efficiency and flexibility won worldwide trust from our customers.
We have adapted to customer needs and offered dynamic solutions. Through years of continuous effort, EMAC built cooperation with over 10000 customers across 100 countries including many of region’s well-known manufacturers . We believe, our self-innovative spirit philosophy will bring EMAC to a reputable global industry leader and our philosophy “A Promise Is a Promise” will bring EMAC to a glory century enterprise.

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