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E Pump Engine

The E senes diesel engine is jointly designed by SDEC and AVL (Austria). The E senies is a branded new engine platform developed by referring to the current intemationally advanced engine applica-tion fechnology and made according to the SAIC MOTOR manufacturing standards withworld-class equipment. Its fuel system equipped with an electronically-controlled high-pressure common rail or a mechanical fuel injection pump with electronic aovermor is optional.
The E series is safe, reliable and powerful. lIts economy is superior to that of the similar products with the same power.

Advantages of E Pump Engine

.Outstanding Performance, Eliminate Three Leaks
Strong loading capacity in one step, easy to achieve 75% loading, integral cylinder head, unique water and air channel design, bid farewell to three leaks.

.Low Vibration and Noise, Wxcellent BMI
4-valve structure, high-precision noise reduction gear train, optimized combustion, and excellent NVH (noise vibration) indicators. Small in size and light in weight, it is convenient for mute speaker design.

.Durable and Fuel-Efficient King
The engine block and cylinder head are made of the latest generation of high-strength alloy cast iron, the overhaul period of key components is as high as 20,000 hours, and the fuel consumption index in the 60-100% load range is industry-leading.

E 1500 RPM Electronic Pump Engine

All models of SDEC E 1500 RPM Electronic Pump Engine.

SDEC SC12E460P2 Pump Drive Engine

SDEC SC12E460P2 Pump Drive Engine

Rated Power : 307 kW @ 1800 RPM
Emission Standard : TIER II
Number of Cylinders : 6
Engine Type : In-Line, 4 Strokes
Dry Weight : 1165 Kg

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