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 E Auxiliary

SDEC E series engine is a brand new power product jointly designed by the company and AVL company and built according to SAIC MOTOR standard. This series of engines has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low emission, etc., and is widely used in inland water transport ships, fishing boats, engineering ships and other ships, as well as 200~300 kW marine generator sets.

SDEC E series engine is a platform product built according to the standards of SAIC Motor. This series of marine diesel engines has the advantages of compact structure, high reliability, strong power and low vibration and noise.
In addition, the E series marine main engine also adopts advanced electronic speed control system, air-air supercharger and turbocharger technology, which makes it have excellent fuel economy and low emission characteristics.

The engine not only complies with international emission standards such as Tier I and Tier II of the International Maritime Organization, but also adopts advanced exhaust gas treatment devices to minimize emissions and protect the marine environment.

Advantages of E Auxiliary Engine

1. Powerful, Efficient and Fuel-Efficient
It adopts BOSCH electronically controlled high-pressure common rail system, multiple injections, full combustion, four-valve structure, parallel air passage design.

2. Low Noise and Vibration Levels
The whole machine has a modular design and a compact structure, which is convenient for cabin layout. The high-precision noise reduction gear train is adopted, and the rear gear chamber is installed, so that the engine has little vibration and low noise.

3. Strong Reliability
Performance calibration and matching optimization can be carried out according to the actual working conditions, and the sudden acceleration is fast, which can meet various working conditions. The fuel consumption curve in the common working conditions of the engine is flat and the torque is large.

E Electronic Marine Auxiliary Engine

All models of SDEC E Electronic Marine Auxiliary Engine.

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