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Diesel Generator Operating Procedures and Management System

Jul 5, 2023 | Chinese Business Culture | 0 comments

In order to meet the emergency needs of sudden power outages, periodic maintenance and gradual process load operation tests are carried out on diesel generators to ensure safe start-up and normal operation of diesel generators in emergency situations, and special operating procedures and management systems are formulated . Please note that non-related technical personnel are not allowed to enter the generator room. If they need to enter, they must be approved and accompanied by the on-duty personnel to enter the machine room.

Diesel Generator Operating Procedures and Management System

Responsibilities of diesel

  • Self-generator operators must be familiar with the performance and operation methods of the model they are operating, and must be trained by special operators before they can start work.
  • The operating procedures and technical specifications related to self-generation should be strictly implemented, such as the use and supervision of diesel engines, generators, and electrical control panels (handling), so as to ensure the safe operation of lines and equipment.
  • Operate and maintain in accordance with the operation and maintenance regulations of the internal combustion engine to ensure that the power plant and its auxiliary facilities are in a good standby state.
  • Proper installation and installation of electrical equipment is an important measure to prevent electric shock, fire prevention, and protection if the electrical equipment is running. Keep a certain distance, seal, ventilate, and ground. The rise does not exceed the allowable value, the insulation is good, etc., relying on the operation and maintenance inspection of the electrical staff, and the abnormalities found in the inspection should be dealt with in a timely manner, and any accidents that occur should be handled in a non-prepared operation Note is on to register. If it cannot be handled, it should be reported to the superior in time.
  • Actively publicize electrical safety knowledge, have the right to conduct illegal operations and refuse illegal orders, and have the right to make suggestions, make comments, and sue the company’s safety in production. At the same time, they should consciously accept skills training and safety knowledge education, and actively participate in safety activities.
  • Take good care of labor protection products, and be responsible for the use, storage, maintenance, inspection and testing of electrical instruments, measuring tools and safety appliances.
  • The generation of lightning and static electricity may lead to the occurrence of major incidents. It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of equipment and anti-static equipment. Grounding and leakage, static neutralization method, high-five neutralizer, radiation neutralizer , ion current neutralizer, etc.), if an electrical fire occurs during work, it should be reported to the police immediately. When extinguishing the fire, only dioxygen-chlorine-a hospital (1211) or open powder fire extinguishers (generators, motors, etc.) are allowed to be used. It is not suitable to use rotating electrical appliances on fire), and it is strictly forbidden to use a fire extinguisher or water to extinguish the fire.

Regulations on the Management of Diesel Generator Sets

  • The use of diesel generator sets must be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and reckless and tampering are prohibited to prevent personal injuries and equipment damage.
  • To fill in the equipment list in time, be serious, accurate, true and detailed.
  • The management of diesel generator sets should strictly implement the post responsibility system, and the division of labor should be clear. Non-professionals or unqualified operators are strictly prohibited from operating on the machine.
  • During maintenance, without the consent of the equipment management department, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and debug important parts, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble randomly.
  • When the equipment is handed over, the procedures must be formal and the procedures must be complete.
  • Adhere to the formal inspection system.

Safety Rules for Diesel Generator Sets

  • Three checks: check before work, check during work, and check after work.
  • Three immobility: Do not move without order, do not understand and do not move when only one person is present.
  • Two prohibitions: no smoking in the machine room, no leaving people when the machine is working.
  • Three timely: report in time, troubleshoot in time, and solve various problems in time.
  • When the diesel generator set is working, it is forbidden to pull the wires randomly to prevent electric shock.
  • When the diesel generator set is working, if a fault occurs, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
  • When working in the field, there are no weeds within 5 meters around.
  • Do a good job of antifreeze in winter to prevent the cylinder from freezing and cracking.

Battery Charging Safety Operation Regulations

  • Wear protective equipment when working, and it is strictly forbidden to splash acid and hurt people.
  • The electrolyte container should be made of porcelain cylinder or large glass bottle. It is forbidden to use metal containers, and it is strictly forbidden to pour distilled water into sulfuric acid to prevent explosion.
  • When charging, find out the positive and negative poles of the battery, and clamp the wire post and the post to prevent fire, explosion and reverse charging accidents caused by short circuit of mixed wires.
  • When charging, check the ventilation of the shell cover frequently to prevent the internal pressure of the battery from increasing due to the occlusion of the pores, which will cause damage to the battery shell.
  • It is not allowed to check the voltage of the battery by short-circuiting in the charging room to prevent accidents caused by sparks entering and leaving.
  • Keep well ventilated during charging. It is not allowed to spill or leak the electrolyte on the ground. The electrolyte on the battery rack should be washed clean at any time.
  • When maintaining the AC circuit, the power supply must be cut off, and live work is strictly prohibited.
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