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 D Marine

SDEC D series high-speed marine engines (2100 RPM and above) are developed in combination with the needs of high-speed boats in my country. They have the advantages of compact structure, strong power, and low vibration and noise. The 1500-1800 RPM engine is developed to meet the requirements of the first and second phase emission regulations of Chinese ships. It has the advantages of strong power, low fuel consumption, and large torque at low speeds. It is widely used in various small Transport ships, fishing boats, engineering ships and 150~200 KW marine generator sets.

Four-valve structure, turbocharger matched according to the working conditions of the ship to achieve higher air intake efficiency, Japan Denso electronic control system is adopted, the maximum injection pressure is 2000 bar, the atomization is uniform, and the combustion is sufficient. Large power margin in actual application, excellent emission, low fuel consumption and low operating cost.

Advantages of D Marine Engine

. High Performance
Machining and assembly lines are controlled by MES production system and guaranteed by SPS system. The selected diesel engine parts are of high quality, high reliability and good consistency.

. Low Noise and Vibration Levels
The engine is equipped with high-quality noise and vibration isolation materials to reduce the transmission of engine noise and vibration, and improve the reliability of the whole machine.

. Rich Configuration
According to the different operating conditions of the marine engine, the configuration of the engine is optimized. Water-cooled supercharger and water-cooled exhaust pipe,flywheel interface, etc., large-capacity oil pan, etc. are optional. The ambient temperature of the engine room is low and the comfort is high.

SDEC D Series Marine Main Engine

All models of SDEC D Series Marine Main Engine.

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